HSA Standards to Bring About the Next Level of Innovation

The HSA Foundation is driving development of  a new standard for the advancement of heterogeneous computing.

Published documents include standards, recommended practices and development guidelines/whitepapers.

Join the HSA Foundation to drive the next evolution in computing and help create and drive the evolution of HSA Standards.

Standards News

  • Published Standards and Specifications
    Download  HSA Platform System Architecture Specification 1.0 Provisional
    Download  HSA Programmer Reference Manual Specification 1.0 Provisional
    Download  HSA Runtime Specification 1.0 Provisional


In Development 

  • HSA Platform Systems Architecture Specification
    • Version 1.0 Final in the Working Group for development
  • HSA Programmer’s Reference Manual: HSAIL Virtual ISA and Programming Model, Compiler Writer’s Guide, and Object Format (BRIG)
    • Version 1.0 Final in working group for development
  • HSA System Runtime Specification 
    • Version 1.0 Final in working group for development
  • HSA Tools