Working Groups which will drive the future of HSA technology

The HSA Foundation will be setting up working groups that address the HSA Architecture,Tools and Runtimes initially.  We will add more information about each of the workgroups as they are launched and will provide quarterly news and progress updates.

  • HSA Systems Architecture Working Group
    •  Group Chair: Mr. Paul Blinzer, AMD
      • version 1.0 – In the working group
  • HSA Programer Reference  Specification Working Group
    • Group Chair: Chien-Ping Lu, MediaTek Inc.
    • HSA Programmer’s Reference Manual: HSAIL Virtual ISA and Programming Model, Compiler Writer’s Guide, and Object Format (BRIG)
      • 0.95  – Up for ratification in the Board of Directors
      • 1.0  In working group
  • HSA System Runtime Working Group
    •  Group Chair: Mr. Andrew Richards, Codeplay Software Ltd.
    • Draft Specification in working group for development
  • HSA Compliance Working Group
  • HSA Tools Working Group –
    • Group Chair: Dr. Wen-mei Hwu, MultiCoreWare
      • Output
        • LLVM to HSAIL Compiler
        • HSAIL Assembler