Working Groups drive the future of HSA technology

The HSA Foundation’s working groups address the HSA architecture, hardware, and software needed to execute an HSA system.

  • HSA Systems Architecture Working Group
    •  Group Chair: Paul Blinzer, AMD
      • Describes hardware and software requirements such as cache coherent shared virtual memory, architected queuing language formats, agent scheduling, forward progress rules, IEEE754-2008 exceptions, kernel agent debug infrastructure, platform topology discovery, images, profiling interface, and the memory consistency model
  • HSA Software Working Group
    • Group Chair: Andrew Richards, Codeplay Software Ltd.
      • HSA Programmer’s Reference Manual: HSAIL virtual ISA and programming model, parallel synchronization and communications, compiler writer’s guide, and object format (BRIG)
      • HSA Runtime Specification: Programming model, initialization and agent discovery, signals API, queues API, AQL packet formats, memory API, code object loading, HSAIL finalization API, images and samples API, and the profiling API
  • HSA Multivendor Sub-Working Group
    •  Group Chair: Roy Ju, Mediatek
      • Describes a method for SoC vendors to design hw and sw for HSA compatibility permitting HSA implementations using IP from multiple vendors that is portable between implementations
      • Allows system wide signalling, task dispatch to queues between agents of different vendors, and standardizing communication between software components
  • HSA Compliance Working Group
  • HSA Marketing Working Group
    •  Group Chair: Ran Zhou, General Processor Technologies