Open Source Projects

A number of open source projects are available at the Foundation’s github repository or at project specific sites. If you would like your project listed here please email

Programming Languages for Compiling to HSAIL
Spec Reference Implementations
Tools for Developers

HSA Foundation Preferred Community Source Project Licenses (NCSA)

The preferred license for the HSA Foundation Community Source Project is the permissive University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License for tools solutions which support projects ( LLVM, CLANG, and LLDB).

While the HSA Foundation Community Source Project will strive to adhere to the preferred license NCSA, we also support MIT, GPLV2, and LGPL licenses in some projects. For example, the Linux kernel patches are under the GPLv2 license with system exceptions, which can be found on

Apache Licensed Prodcuts

In addition the HSA Foundation also supports Apache Based Licensed Products. The HSA Foundation Community Source Project based on the Apache License will need to  use the following Contributor License Agreements: All individual contributors (that is, contributors making contributions only on their own behalf) of ideas, code, or documentation to the HSA Foundation Community Source Project will be required to complete, sign, and submit an Individual Contributor Agreement  . The Agreement can be executed online through the code review tool.

The Contributor License Agreement clearly defines the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to the HSA Foundation Community Source Project.  This license is for your protection of the contributor as well as the protection of the project; it does not change your rights to use your own contributions for any other purpose.

For a corporation (or other entity) that has assigned employees to work on the HSA Foundation Community Source Project, a Corporate Contributor Agreement.  is available. This version of the grant allows a corporation to authorize contributions submitted by its designated employees and to grant copyright and patent licenses.

Note that a Corporate Contributor License Agreement does not remove the need for any developer to sign their own as an individual. , to cover any of their contributions that are not owned by the corporation signing the Corporate Contributor Agreement. 

Please note that we based our Agreements on the ones that the Apache Software Foundation uses, which can be found on the Apache web site