The HSA Foundation defines key interfaces for parallel computation supporting a diverse set of high-level programming languages (C, C++, OpenCL, Python, etc.) creating a foundation for heterogeneous computing.

Most importantly HSAF is driving greater developer productivity in heterogeneous computing by removing many of the barriers of traditional heterogeneous programming, enabling developers to focus on their algorithms and not managing system resources.

If you are interested in HSA and all the technologies that encompass the HSA Foundation specifications there are number of ways you can get involved:

Report Bugs

One of the easiest and most effective ways you can help improve HSA tools and software is to file bugs. For more information, visit the Reporting Bugs page.

Developing With HSA Based Technologies

We created HSA so that all developers can have more choices in programming any compute agent in a system. One of the best ways you can help HSA is to write incredible applications that users will love to use.

As a Developer of HSA enabled applications, tools, or runtimes you can get the open source HSA code at the HSA Foundation’s GitHub Repository.

Contribute to the Code, Documentation and Development Infrastructure

We’d love to review any changes you identify. So please check out the source code, pick a bug or feature, and get coding! Once you’re ready to submit your code submit a pull request.

You can get started with HSA tools and library development by learning about the Life of a Patch ‎understanding how to submit a patch . You can also view the activity on all contributions on our HSA Foundations GitHub repo.

To find out more about the roles of of the community

Becoming a HSAF Member

If you are company or academic interested in becoming a member of the HSA Foundation please contact us and we would be happy to help you out. You can also find more information on website at this link.  

Types of Contributors
  • Developer – someone who downloads, builds and includes HSA open source technology in their application, and may also submit enhancement/feature requests or bugs
  • Contributor – someone who submits a code patch, documentation, software examples, bugs etc.
  • Project Maintainers – someone who is dedicated to the project, verifies and accepts bugs, patches code examples, documentation, etc.