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Heterogeneous Parallel Programming

HSA opens the door to a new class of solutions that are difficult to achieve in historical architectures where inter-task/process communication is important across heterogeneous compute devices.  In response to that challenge,  HSA addresses a broad class of approaches to application parallelism.

    • Data Parallelism – Embarrassingly Parallel Applications
    • Task-Parallelism
    • Nested-Parallelism
    • Braided-Parallelism

This capability opens up more efficient implementations of MapReduce, Hash Tables, Sparse Matrix Vectors and Conjugate Gradients solvers, FETI-DP Method, List Ranking, and spatial search.

More importantly this is just a small sampling of problems that can be addressed by HSA enabled platforms.

Design, Create and Innovate a New Class  of Applications, Tools, Libraries and Runtimes  for HSA

The HSA Foundation developer program offers a complete set of resources that will help you explore how heterogeneous system architectures can free you to drive a new level of innovation into your application.

-Developer Program: Overview

    • A developer may create and deliver a product using the publicly released specifications and technologies
    • Use of any HSA Foundation trademark, including logos and the names of HSA specifications in text form is subject to the official HSA Foundation Trademark Guidelines.
    • Access to the open developer code repository
    • Current Published HSAIL Programmers Reference Guide
    • HSA Public Documents and Videos