Software developers do not need to apply for conformance testing.

You are free to use the HSA Foundation API’s, Tools and Runtime to develop software tools, high-level language runtimes, libraries, applications, and middleware with no restrictions and you are not required to submit your products for conformance testing.

If you are interested in helping drive more stability across products, you can submit your application as a potential test application to be included in the HSA test suite which will be used in a compliance test kitchen of HSA Platforms that support the HSA low-level runtime.

Potential implementers of the HSA Architecture

If you are developing a product that implements the HSA API and  HSAIL Finalizer you will need to submit your product for compliance testing before you can use the HSA name or logo with your product or call your product compliant or conformant with HSA Specifications.  This conformance requirement will ensure consistency across implementing products for developers and their applications.

If you are interested in submitting your product for compliance please email us at