The Board 

The following organizations and individuals comprise the current HSA Foundation leadership.


Manju Hegde – Corporate Vice President, Heterogeneous Applications and Developer Solutions, AMD

Manju Hegde is corporate vice president, Heterogeneous Applications and Developer Solutions at AMD, with responsibility driving the developer base to using HSA platforms for client, server, graphics, embedded and workstation applications through the delivery of heterogeneous compute optimized applications and well-engineered SDKs. As head of the Heterogeneous Applications and Developer Solutions team, Hegde will be responsible for driving and executing AMD’s heterogeneous compute strategy across the technology, marketing and business functions as well as directing AMD strategy and collaboration in engaging the computing ecosystem to shape the next generation of devices, environment, tools and application experiences made possible by HSA and AMD APUs.

Before joining AMD, Hegde was vice president of CUDA technical marketing at NVIDIA, where he focused on training and enabling researchers and developers to leverage the parallel architecture and performance of the GPU for general purpose applications.

Prior to joining NVIDIA in 2008, Hegde was co-founder and CEO of AGEIA Technologies since 2002, when he began his mission to minimize the challenge of physics in game development. Hegde was also a professor of electrical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis and at Louisiana State University.


Jem Davies – Fellow and VP of Technology, Media Processing Division,  ARM

Jem is responsible for setting the technology roadmaps for ARM’s Media Processing Division including graphics and video technologies. He is responsible for advanced product development and technological investigations of acquisitions and he is a member of ARM’s Architecture Review Board. Jem holds three patents in the fields of CPU and GPU design and he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cambridge. Jem feels passionately that we can improve the way in which people interact with the digital world and that energy-efficient visual computing will have a big role to play in that.

Imagination Technologies

Tony King-Smith-  VP Marketing, Imagination Technologies

Tony has a long career in the semiconductor and embedded systems industries, holding senior engineering management positions in multinational industry leading companies including Panasonic, LSI Logic, Renesas, Inmos and British Aerospace. In his long engineering career, he has both implemented and managed projects for hardware and embedded software for a wide range of consumer, automotive and mobile devices at both chip and OEM product levels, and holds a 1st class honours degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia. In his current role as VP Marketing for Imagination, he ensures all products and technologies from Imagination address key trends in Imagination’s target markets, manages all strategic and engineering partner ecosystems, and relates Imagination’s technologies and strategies to everyone from engineers at the bench to senior technology and product management and non-technical analysts and commentators.


Dr Chien-Ping Lu- Sr Director – Corporate Technology Office

Dr. Lu currently holds the position of Senior Director in Corporate Technology Office overseeing advanced technology development in graphics, multimedia, and computing. Before joining MediaTek, he has worked with Silicon Graphics, RENDITION, TRANSMETA and NVIDIA.

Dr. Lu participated in and delivered several important products, including highly successful discrete and integrated GPUs for PCs and game consoles.

Dr. Lu got his PhD in Computer Science from Yale University. His Orthogonal Iteration algorithm for pose estimation has been widely adopted, cited and improved upon in Vision, Robotics and Augmented Reality communities.

Samsung Electronics

Jay (Jeongwook)  Kim – Corporate Vice President, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics

Jay  Kim is in charge of cordinating  HSA related activities  in Samsung Electronics.

He has been working for Samsung dedicated DSP development  project  from 2004.

He is the leader of  Reconfigurable Processor Group at  SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), Samsung’s corporate research center.

Before joining Samsung,  he was a senior engineer workng on optimizing compiler for  reconfigurable processor at Proceler, venture company developing advanced compiler and application specific soft processors.

He received a Ph.D degree from Georgia Institute of Technology . While at Georgia Tech  he  was  the VP of Technology  for a Venture backed system level simulation and optimization company.

Michael Shebanow

Michael Shebanow joined Samsung Research America in 2012 where he is Vice President of the Advanced Processor Lab (APL) in San Jose, CA. At APL, he is managing a multi-site team developing GPU IP in co-development with teams in Suwon, South Korea and Bangalore, India. Before that, he was with NVIDIA where he worked on the Tesla product family (G80, GeForce 68xx series), was one of the primary architects of the Fermi (GF100) family where he managed the shader processor architecture team (covered 5 blocks including the SM & L1), then part of the NV Research group investigating next generation graphics and unified programming models for GPUs (similar to Mantle), and finally with Project Denver (ARM processor). Prior to NVIDIA, he managed the development of a number of processors in multiple architecture families (x86-32, x86-64, SPARC v9, 68k, m88k), and was one of three representatives representing Motorola in the Power PC architecture definition committee. While a graduate student at UC Berkeley, he was one of the original developers of HPS (superscalar, dynamically scheduled processor architectures). He holds 38 patents in graphics, processor design, and disk controller areas, with an additional 15 applications filed and in progress. Education: BSEE UC Berkeley, PhD CS UC Berkeley.