The HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation is a not-for-profit consortium of  SoC IP vendors, OEMs, academia, SoC vendors, OSVs and ISVs whose challenging the normal of how whole system architecture is structured for combing CPU’s, GPU’s, DSP’s, and other accelerators to bring about forward progress in computing’s foundation to make it dramatically easier to program heterogeneous parallel devices. HSA Foundation is driving this via Royalty Free Specifications and open source software: HSA runtimes and low level compilation tools based on open source technologies like LLVM and GCC.

HSA Foundation members are building a heterogeneous compute software ecosystem which is rooted on open royalty free industry standards. We are looking to bring about applications that blend scalar processing on the CPU, parallel processing on the GPU, and optimized processing of DSP via high bandwidth shared memory access with greater application performance at low power consumption. HSA Foundation is defining key interfaces and  for parallel computation utilizing CPU, GPU,  DSP’s and other programmable and fixed function devices, which will support a diverse set of high-level programming languages creating the next foundation in general purpose computing. Most importantly we are driving to bring greater developer productivity to heterogeneous computing by removing many of the barriers of traditional heterogeneous programing so they can focus on their algorithms and not managing system resources.   One of the key attributes of  Cache Coherent Shared Virtual Memory  (“CC-SVM”) is begin looking at larger dataset  then traditionaly supported by today co-processor devices with fixed memory pools.

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